Back in 2009 it seemed like a good idea to publish some short articles aimed at people who were coming to gardening for the first time, usually because they'd just moved to a property with a garden.

These days there are a plethora of gardening sites offering a wide range of ideas (and products) but very few seem to be aimed at the novice. Many of them assume that you have deep pockets and a desire to spend hours in your garden. Well it'd be great to spend hours in the garden, preferably with a cool drink, a washing up bowl of iced water to dabble your feet in and someone to do a spot of weeding while cooking dinner... Dream on.

Back in the day I asked for suggestions for topics and got an underwhelming response... Times have changed so I've incorporated a forum where you can ask questions or post hints and tips. If you'd like to have an article posted within this section of the web site just email us and we'll credit you with the content.